State Rep. Ben Frederick (R-Owosso) at his Office Hours at Perry City Hall.

CITIZEN: So health care costs keep going up, and I’m just wondering if, I know it’s mostly a federal issue, but is there something the state can do to maybe give us more choices? Like I’m an almost 65-year-old guy, I don’t need maternity care, sounds kind of stupid for me to be having to pay for maternity care or my wife doesn’t have diabetes you know that kind of thing. Why should she have to pay? So is there something that can be done on the state level to address those kinds of things?

FREDERICK: I think you’re hitting on some of them as far as the mandated coverages need to be looked at.


CITIZEN: I mean, I feel like I should have more choices as far as you know, I don’t know if I could cut out my maternity care payment. I don’t know if that, I mean I know that’s not line-itemed in the policies, but I kinda feel like I should have more choices about you know how my health care works, how my, what’s covered. I mean I guess I don’t think I should have to pay necessarily for maternity coverage.


Note: This was a long exchange. The full exchange is here.