Republican Attorney General Bill Schuette at Crystal Gardens in Southgate

CITIZEN: I know this is more federal, but health care, the Senate health care. I’m a young person and I have to pay for my own health care, and this whole essential health benefits thing coming with Obamacare is really making me pay a lot more, because I’m paying for maternity care, I —

SCHUETTE: Which is stupid.

CITIZEN: Yeah, it’s really dumb. And my dad even before the ACA was saying he was able to have choice and was able to save like a few hundred dollars by not paying for maternity care and a few other things. So don’t you think it would be better if we were able and myself were able to have choice in what I’m covering?

SCHUETTE: Absolutely. This is about you choosing, it’s about removing the penalties that the government punishes you because you don’t want to join a lousy system that's cratering. So you need to have choice, and freedom, decision-making, and not being penalized by a tax, and you get to determine who your doctor is instead of some bureaucrat in the corner.

CITIZEN: Right, yeah, I—

SCHUETTE: That’s where I stand on that. I’m hopeful some changes can be made, and you know, you gotta — this isn’t the only time we are going to get a bite at this apple, so we gotta get as much as we can, make some changes and continue to work on it.