State Rep. Brandt Iden (R-Oshtemo) at his Office Hours at Feed the World Café in Kalamazoo

CITIZEN: I had just a couple of questions about health care. One of which, I was just curious what you thought about the new Senate health care bill that came out yesterday. And then also and just more specifically, and I guess this is more of a hypothetical type thing — but one of the things that I’ve been reading about that would lower the cost of health care and health insurance that sounds to me like a good idea but I want your take on it, is letting people kind of pick and choose a la carte what they want instead of having the mandatory things. So an older person wouldn’t need to pay for maternity care. I’m a younger, healthy person who has no history of diabetes in my family, I wouldn’t necessarily have to pay for diabetes care. I was just kind of wondering what you thought about that and then also the new Senate bill.

IDEN: [...] In terms of being able to pick out, absolutely. You should be able to. That makes a lot of sense. We know that across the board health care needs are different for every individual and based upon what they’re looking for and what makes the most sense.