State Rep. Curt Vanderwall (R-Ludington) at his Office Hours at Leelanau County Government Center

CITIZEN: There could be a major health insurance reform happen soon, if the Senate passes the bill. We don’t know what it looks like, obviously. I wanted to get your thoughts about — and this is not hypotheticals or anything — but just your feelings about if we go to a health care reform where let’s say a young man decides that he doesn’t want to buy maternity insurance, that he can opt out of that. Or a young person whose healthy says I shouldn’t have to pay for diabetes insurance. And it’s more of a pick and choose kind of thing that the Republicans have kind of talked about. What are your thoughts around that? Because if that bill passes it would come to Michigan and it would be put in your hands to align our rules around insurance around that — to align it with the federal government.

VANDERWALL: [...] When it comes to the federal side, when it comes to health insurance, here’s what’s very interesting. I think people like myself and my wife should be able to opt out of maternity, because if we have another baby now [laughs]. Let me tell you, I’m scared to death of what would happen. We need to be careful that — because too many times we also have the Russian roulette and then the person who needs it most doesn’t have it. I really got to see what that is gonna — the structure.

Note: This was a long exchange. To listen to the full exchange, click here.