State Rep. Diana Farrington (R-Utica) at her Office Hours at the Utica Public Library

CITIZEN: Something that I’ve been following that I’ve been interested in and just wanted to get your take on it is everything going on with health care right now at the federal level, which I know is a little bit different than your jurisdiction is. But I was wondering first off just what you thought of the new health care bill.

And then also, one thing that I’ve heard people talking about that to me, as someone that’s probably going to have to get insurance soon, is right now there’s those 10 mandatory things that you have to have on your health insurance. And I’ve heard a way to lower costs would be to kind of get rid of that, so if you’re an older person you don’t have to pay for maternity care, or if you’re a younger person — I don’t want to have a baby right now, so I shouldn’t necessarily have to pay for it. Or if you’re young and healthy with no history of diabetes, you don’t have to pay for diabetes care. I was just kind of wondering what you thought of that and just the new health care bill.

FARRINGTON: I think it would really help keep costs down. Obviously an elderly person is not going to get pregnant. Yeah, I think there could be choices. I can see how that would bring health care costs down.