State Rep. Jeff Noble (R-Plymouth) at his Office Hours at Plymouth Township Hall

CITIZEN: I don’t know exactly where I stand with health care, but personally, I think something probably should be changed or tweaked to make it better. But one thing that I keep hearing about is, that seems like to me a good way to lower costs is getting rid of the 10 mandatory things that have to be covered under health insurance plans the way that it is now, and letting people pick and choose what kind of health care they want. So if a guy or a young woman who doesn’t want to have a child doesn’t want to get maternity care coverage then they don’t have to, if you know you’re probably not going to get diabetes you don’t have to get diabetes coverage. I was just kind of curious on your opinion with that.

NOBLE: I’m a big advocate for personal choice. I don’t think that anyone should be riding herd on the people. In this situation I’m just like you, the idea of a single man having to have mandatory maternity coverage just seemed kind of silly to me, and I don’t think that a woman should necessarily have to have coverage to cover prostate exams. So to me that just seems kind of foolish and common sense would say let’s give a person the opportunity to pick and choose what it is they’d like to have covered.

So to answer your question, I don’t like anything that’s forced down, pushed down our throats or anything that’s trying to be mandated to people. We have that opportunity and that responsibility, and quite frankly, if we make a mistake then we’re the ones that are accountable for that mistake. If we choose not to get a particular coverage and get the illness, then we’re the ones that have to deal with that.