State Rep. Jim Tedder (R-Clarkson) at his Office Hours at Waterford Township Public Library

CITIZEN: The first one is related to health care. And I am just curious about your opinions on this. Something I think kind of needs to be done with health care, the way it is now, it needs to be changed somehow, but I am not sure how. But one thing I have been hearing like a lot of people talking about specifically more on the conservative end is getting rid of essential health benefits. So if you are a guy, you don’t have to pay for maternity care, if you are a young, healthy, person who doesn’t have diabetes in their family, you do not have to pay for that. Kind of like picking what you want a la carte. And having that be a way to lower prices. What are your feelings on that?

TEDDER: In general, I support that. I think one of the things that we’re missing in our system and I personally believe this is driving up costs for most people, is that you’re not giving people a choice to kind of develop and hand pick their plans. Even all of our needs change over time. Like when you are young, a major medical plan is probably what you want, but you don’t want to go bankrupt over an injury.

CITIZEN: Right, but I wouldn’t necessarily need care, the same care as someone in like their seventies.

TEDDER: [...] I would say that’s one of the areas I’ve always found frustrating. Why is a man, a single man paying for maternity coverage? I don’t think he is going to be having a baby anytime soon. And there is other things, prenatal care, and I forget all of them, there was like 10 non-negotiables. And I am going to guess the federal level will probably take away those [inaudible].

CITIZEN: So you would be for something like having that type of choice?

TEDDER: I would be for more of a customized plan. And I would say, if someone does has diabetes or congenital heart failure, it’ll be more expensive.