State Rep. Joseph Bellino (R-Monroe) at his Office Hours at Tim Horton's in Monroe

CITIZEN: I just have a question, it’s kind of more of a hypothetical, so sorry to take away time from — and I don’t know a ton about this, but it’s about health care. One thing I am just curious about your opinion with this. It’s obvious you guys were talking about super-expensive and one thing I have heard, especially with Republicans talk about is getting rid of what they are calling essential health benefits so like if you are a guy you don’t have to pay for maternity care because you are not going to get pregnant and if you are a woman you won’t have to pay for male-specific services and you kind of get to pick things that would specifically affect you. I was just kind of curious about what your opinion is on that?

BELLINO: When Obamacare came out or the ACA I would buy my own insurance, I had a daughter in college and I chose not to take pregnancy coverage, saved me $300 a month. I made that choice.