State Rep. Julie Alexander (R-Jackson) at her Office Hours at the Jackson County Tower Building in Jackson

CITIZEN: One thing I keep hearing about is the essential health benefits and how one way to possibly lower costs would be if you got rid of those ten mandatory health things so like you’re able to kind of pick and choose what you wanted. So like if you’re a guy, you don’t necessarily need maternity care, or if you’re just like an 18 year old girl who doesn’t want a child, you don’t necessarily need maternity care, or if you’re like a young person who doesn’t have a history of diabetes, you don’t really need diabetes coverage, and yeah. It just seemed like, to me it seemed like a good way to kind of lower costs of healthcare if you kind of let people pick and choose what they wanted.

ALEXANDER: Kind of like a la carte?

CITIZEN: Yeah, yeah. I was kind of wondering what you thought of that. Because there is a lot of controversy around that.

ALEXANDER: Well, I think we can both agree something has to be done. As far as what I’m hearing in Lansing right now, everything is really on hold [muffled], but I think that those are all, I personally think they’re all good ideas. You’re empowering people to choose what works for them and modify the cost as well.

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