State Sen. Ken Horn (R-Frankenmuth) at his Office Hours at Chesaning Township Hall

CITIZEN: Well, what do you think, I know people have been proponents of being able, you know, younger people being able to stay on until they are 26?

HORN: I would get rid of that. 

CITIZEN: You would get rid of that?

HORN: Yeah. [...] But there are a number of ways you can handle it, but I want to start treating young people like adults when they turn 18 years old. That’s one of my goals. You know first thing in the system, at 16 you can drive, at 18 you can vote, you can go join the military, at 21 you can drink, but 26 that’s when you become an adult? But that’s when you are out on your own? I want to make it clear here there always has to be some kind of right to adulthood at some point, I think I would rather have them drinking younger and getting their driver's licenses at older ages and so when they turn 21 they go, “Yee haw, now I can drive” instead of having them drinking for the first time because it gets out of hand.

Note: This was a long exchange. To listen to the full exchange, click here.

Ken Horn on Eliminating Pregnancy Coverage, Pre-Existing Conditions Protections at Office Hour at Chesaning Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

CITIZEN: So health insurance seems to be going — it’s getting more expensive, even in spite of all the health care things that we’ve tried to do in the country. So do you think that maybe we could have a more a la carte approach? I’m 65, I’m never gonna get pregnant, obviously. Do I need maternity care? Should we force everybody to pay for maternity care?

HORN: You might be onto something here. I want to apply this to all our services. A la carte menu. I think that’s what it’s going to come to.