State Rep. Mike McCready (R-Bloomfield Twp.) at his Office Hours at Bloomfield Township Public Library

MCCREADY: So you know, we saw some situations there where people say well now we should go in and stop the pharmacies from charging so much, but really if you have an open market, where you have other manufacturers that can make a drug similar to that, or generic drug, that’s usually what’s gonna help keep the prices down. Now if a company like Pfizer comes out and creates a new drug, new to the market, that’s a life saving drug that they have a patent on, they’re gonna reap some very good benefits for that and that’s how our market’s set up.  

CITIZEN: Right. So free market thinking, definitely. So if you — say free market wide, it would regulate if you would let the companies, drug companies, whatever do their pricing for this and that.  

MCCREADY: Yeah. That’s true.  

CITIZEN: And so don’t you think we should probably, a good example is cancer drugs or even Epipens, because that was in the news recently.  

MCCREADY: Well, the Epipen situation is kind of interesting, because you’re right. The schools were all forced to buy the Epipens--  

MCCREADY: [Conversation is paused, as more people come into the coffee hour.] The legislature, back in my freshman year, passed a bill to have at least two Epipens in every school. Well, when they did that, epipens were selling for lower dollars and now they’re like $600, right. And so it was a mandate where schools had to go buy them. And so it also came out that Epipens only had like a two year shelf life and then they needed to be replaced. So that has become a real issue, that they had a high demand, raised their prices, and that had something to do with it. And we talked about maybe funding the schools more to help subsidize some of that cost, versus getting in to trying to hold down the pharmaceutical prices.  

CITIZEN: So you’re saying we should more so let the free market and pharmaceutical prices stay what they are and then stop trying to do the price fixing.  

MCCREADY: Right.  

CITIZEN: And maybe support the schools more in that way.  

MCCREADY: Yep, right.