State Rep. Tom Barrett (R-Potterville) at his Coffee Hours at Riverside Cafe in Bellevue

CITIZEN: Like I’m 65, I think it’s kinda stupid I have to pay for maternity care.  

BARRETT: I mean there’s a number of people I’ve spoken to that have said that they had elements of their health care that they would not have otherwise purchased on their own. If they were allowed to build their own plan for themselves — 

CITIZEN: So you think it should be more a la carte? 

BARRETT: I think that whatever we can do to allow people to make their own choices for themselves in the health care space for the needs of their family is something that I think is a good thing. I think we ought to trust people to know what the needs of their family are better than the government.  

CITIZEN: How would we do that, though? Like you go into a restaurant, so we got a menu here. So would I be able to pick and choose what I want to cover? 

BARRETT: I think usually health care plans pre-Obamacare got a generally like — It wasn’t truly a la carte, like I’m gonna buy coverage for a knee replacement, eye glasses, and emergency room care. It was more like you had a list of standard things that were covered by a certain amount, had a certain copay value. Other things may or may not have been covered by that. Most of them had a catastrophic coverage, if you were catastrophically injured, you know, fell at home, had a heart attack, needed to go to rehabilitation for that, stuff of that sort. But after Obamacare, there was a whole bunch of other stuff that was added in that was mandated on people. They may not have wanted or maybe they did want.